Johanna Talja (1994) is a Finnish multi-media and installation artist and filmmaker who's work revolves around an exploration of cinematic, performative media and relations between the on-stage and behind the stage. Her aim is to disrupt the mundane, expose the insanity of the everyday aswell as reveal the insanity in regularity. In her work Talja approaches topics and ideas with humour and seeks to find a balance between the absurd and the sensical, fake and real by combining the handmade and tactile sculptural elements with digital, artificial effects and refrences. She creates her own props and costumes, through which she creates characters and scenes through improvisational performances, resulting in the creation of another separate dimension trapped somewhere between the screen, the backstage, the viewer, the artist, the physical and the digital.

Talja Graduated in 2019 from HKU as Bachelor of Fine Art.

Talja is currently living and working in The Netherlands.