Character Research: Pant, Groucho & Mervi

Video, 10 minutes, 2018

Exhibited at Beautiful Distress Amsterdam after a residency in Het Vijfde Seizoen

The video, a result of a residency programme at Het Vijfde Seizoen on the ground of a physchiatric institute, looks into the lives of 3 different characters residing in the forests of Den Dolder. These characters and their relations came to be in an experimental and amateurish way after plenty of experimentation and hours of improvisational footage. Groucho, a grumpy old man who talks about an undetermined better past, is looking for Pant, a trouserperson, who is being haunted by an off-screen terror. After some torment Pant falls out of conciousness and dreams of Mervi, a Finnish politician trying desperately to be as relatable and as likeable as possible. All 3 characters struggle to interact and connect with each other, an impossible task, as they are never able to be in the same space in the same time.