Future Past

Installation, 2019
Exhibited in Vensterbank Leiden for exhibition Two Thousand and Eighty-Four 09.08- 13.10.2019

An exploration into how the future was envisioned in the past presents an alternate direction that computer-technology could have developed towards. Who could have predicted touch screens or the internet, when you can have past technology with a futuristic twist; fun metallic colors, shiny buttons, tv-test screens turning into designs. All of these machine-like, mass-produced elements are handmade with foam and fabric, seams about to rip and going crooked, as a contrast to their inherent nature and purpose.

On the background are quotes made by inspiroBot, an artificial intelligence who's sole purpose is to generate inspirational quotes. The bot can clearly process the words and rythm of philosophical sinppets, calculate that pretty pictures with quotes on them circulate well on social media, but a purely logical AI cannot comprehend what and why the inspirational quotes captivate people, resulting in the creation of random, senseless, at times even agressive imperatives of nonsense.