I Wish Real Life Was in 3D

Interactive Installation, 2019

A deconstructed movie studio, a crowded room with curious props and strange sculptures of greenscreen- and magenta-mattes used for chroma key special effects as well as checkered patterns for 3D mapping becomes an interactive experience in real time as a webcam is transporting the space and the people in it to another dimension on screen through a strange software. The software, I Wish Real Life Was in 3D, transforms everything tactile and real from the installation into a pixellated out of focus set where the contrast and collaboration of homemade elements combines with the digital, ungraspable effects and layers, leaving the viewer somewhere in between both.

If you're a bit unsure what to do in the space & how to interact with the props, you can call the Green Instructor, but the instructor speaking unknown languages with great enthusiasm might leave you even more confused.