Untitled/Research (Motion Capture Research), 2019

Exhibited in Vensterbank Leiden for exhibition Two Thousand and Eighty-Four Extended Exhibition 21.9-22.9.2019 & 28.9-29.9.2019

Plenty of big production movies rely on real life actors in full-body suits in a green screen studio acting out their scenes, only to be processed later on the computer into completely different characters and imagery beyond what's possible with practical effects. For the actor to be able to convey and create their character under the most visually ridiculous, extremely artificial circumstance, purely trusting the post-production will work their magic based on how well they can act in front of the camera calls for so much determination and focus. The actor has to completely become the character they are portaying; in that moment of living a fantasy before it's excecuted, that fantasy has to be real in the mind of the actor.

Instead of basing computer-generated imagery on real life footage, the process is done backwards. Clumsy yet impossible to replicate animation and colorful imagery is first created on the computer to be replicated by a human in a performance. Talja, as a both amateur 3D-animator and actor, attempts to understand what living the fantasy pre-excecution feels like and tries to replicate the machine-like animations in flesh.