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Installation, 2019
Created for and exhibited at EXbunker 05.10- 27.10.2019

A real World War II bunker transformed into a exhibition space is in October 2019 taken over by Talja's fake park. Inspired by the bunker itself being an artificial space in Wilhelminapark, a space surrounded by nature but where the sunlight can't reach and nothing can grow in, Talja has created a fake park with elements replicating and refrencing the real outside park inside of it's thick walls. Elements, as if created by a computer and rendered into the real world with strange errors, pixels being generated by hand, a plastic barbecue, clearly artificial materials such as holographic polyester fabric mimicking trees and so on. A video comprised of clips found online from various visitors of the Wilhelminapark, put through various layers of effects and conversions until it has become what all images are online: a series of abstract pixels. 

For an improved user experience of the exhibition Talja offered the visitors cookies upon entry, if the visitors chose to "accept the cookies".